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Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

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What is a Recurring Affiliate commission?

Some companies pay you a one-time affiliate commission for selling their product or service. However, certain companies provide you with a recurring income. The percentage of the share you get varies from company to company, but you get paid as the customer stays with the company.

Do you know how to earn a recurring affiliate income? We have got you covered! You are reading the right article as here you will get informed about the best recurring affiliate programs that will help you become an affiliate and make your income steady. But, how will your earnings get recurrent? It is with the help of recurring income affiliate programs.

The Concept of Recurring Affiliate Programs

Recurring Affiliate Programs are the ones that allow you to earn a commission for as long as your referrals convert the order into actual sales by making payment. It implies these programs pay you commission not only on your referral’s first purchase but for every purchase.

As long as your referral remains a paying customer, these programs will act as one of the best sources to generate revenue recurrently. Some affiliate programs impose limits on earning recurring commissions. However, some are for life. The programs allowing you to create lifetime income are the best ones. For instance, ConvertKit, ClickFunnels’, AWeber, and many others are mentioned in this article.


ActiveCampaign is an impeccable email market automation tool allowing you to target the right leads, making an ideal match. The interesting part here is that this platform allows you to earn endlessly, which means the more you sell, the more money you make.

The website is equipped with a tier system:

  • Silver Tier- This Lets you earn a 20% commission (The Beginner level).
  • Gold Tier- This allows you to earn a 25% commission ($100 of a new business or $500 of active accounts in the latest 3 months).
  • Platinum Tier- Enables you to earn 30% commission ($500 of a new business or $2000 of active accounts in the latest 3 months)

It can be integrated with more than 280 platforms, including WordPress, Shopify, and Zapier. Furthermore, it is equipped with CRM tools, market automation, email marketing, and many other useful features.  The only downside of ActiveCampign includes its complex nature, which makes it pretty difficult for beginners to understand its functionality


ConvertKit is a popular email marketing service used by many professional bloggers. It offers the best email automation experience for your collection, newsletters, and more. There are tons of beautiful templates for landing pages and sales funnels. 

The affiliate program pays a 30 percent recurring commission for as long as the customer stays with Convertkit. For example, if you have referred 100 customers with 1000 subscribers, you will get $870 every single month. The potential is huge! 


AWeber is an excellent affiliate program providing quality products and a stellar customer service record. The platform targets entrepreneurs and small businesses and enables its users to choose from a wide range of customized templates (more than 700) and create an attractive email address.

At AWeber, affiliates are supplied with robust support through their Affiliate Newsletters and easy-to-print promotional products and sale stats. The popular email marketing tool is best known for leveraging and making a quick sale. In addition, it allows its users to send RSS emails and follow-up emails seamlessly.

The platform allows you to earn a 30% recurring commission on every sale made by your registered referral. 


Leadpages is a leading landing page builder with an extensive range of professional templates and lead generation tools. It allows the conversion of landing pages to pop-ups and websites. Furthermore, it facilitates the overall process of building the site through its customizable and mobile responsive templates.

The platform can help you make up to 30% recurring commission for the duration your referral sticks to this platform and make a purchase.


GetResponse is another email marketing tool renowned for its simplified automation. Creating a landing page, sales funnel, or newsletter has never been easier than now. It’s perfect for bloggers who want to drive traffic and increase subscribers. 

When you join the GetResponse Affiliate Program and refer a new paying customer, you earn a 33 percent lifetime commission on the plan of their choice. But if you’re interested in getting paid for only one time, the program pays $100 for every sale referred. 


Cloudways is an SSD-based website offering hoisting solutions to renowned websites including Joomla, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, and many others.

You can choose between a ‘Slab-based’ system or a ‘Hybrid’ system to earn your monthly earnings. However, if you want to earn a recurring commission, the hybrid model is an ideal fit. The platform pays up to $125 per sale (slab-based) or $30 per sale+7% commission (hybrid) each month.


ClickFunnels is a popular all-in-one sales funnel-building platform that has been growing rapidly. With ClickFunnels, you can create an amazing sales funnel easily. Best of all – it’s a 100% web-based application, so you don’t have to download or configure anything.

ClickFunnels has tons of awesome products to boost anyone’s business online. So there’s a huge potential to make money with its affiliate program as well. The program offers from 20 to 40 percent recurring commission for all customers who stay on after the 14-day free trial.


You’re missing big time if you haven’t heard of OptinMonster. It’s one of the best tools to grab your readers’ attention with lightbox popups, floating bars, gamified wheels, and more. 

OptinMonster has a huge list of templates to choose from. Creating visually appealing offers has never been easier than now. Start promoting it if you’re a digital marketer, for it’s a perfect product. 

The affiliate program of OptinMonster offers a 20 percent recurring commission on all new customers. The cookie duration is 90 days, so you’ll never lose a potential sale.


Teachable is one of the best online places to sell your digital products, especially courses. Whether you’re a marketer, chef, or fitness geek, you’ll love referring Teachable to your audience. 

The affiliate program of Teachable keeps giving you money for sending traffic only one time. The payments and tracking are secure with Teachable. The program offers a 50 percent lifetime commission on all paid plans. Isn’t it way too generous? 


TubeBuddy is a renowned Youtube channel management and video optimization tool providing affiliates an opportunity to earn 50% recurring commission from every sale made through your registered referral as long as they remain a customer.

It is an excellent tool primarily used by Youtube video creators for bulk video promotion, video processing, video SEO, and much more. Sign up with this program now and become an affiliate to start earning handsome recurring income!


Shopify is the renowned eCommerce software that is best known for building online stores. The platform is powered by more than one million businesses all across the globe.

All affiliates can earn 20%-30% recurring commission on every referral’s monthly subscription fee. You can easily sign up and create your store on Shopify for free.


Spocket is based on the dropshipping business model providing several brands an effective solution. The platform works best for you when you entered the world of e-commerce and already created a Woocommerce or Shopify store.

The app facilitates the import process and allows you to sell products effortlessly. The platform is known to help an affiliate earn up to 30% recurring commission on sales made through their links.


You struggle so hard to get the right audience on your site. Now what? What if they leave it just because they didn’t get the answer to their question. That’s where LiveChat jumps in! It’s the best customer support software for increasing customer satisfaction, sales, and revenue. 

They offer a recurring 20 percent commission on the customers who sign up for a paid plan through your link. The cookie duration is 120 days, so you never miss the chance to earn the recurring commissions. 


Thinkific is a leading Learning Management System (LMS) that allows you to create, market, and sell your online courses. You can promote your courses with several different marketing materials, including embeddable players & course trailers. 

As a marketer, you can also promote the LMS to your audience interested in creating a course. The affiliate program offers a 30 percent recurring commission on all the plans with a 90-day cookie duration. Awesome! Isn’t it?


SEMRush affiliate program is BeRush, an unbeatable affiliate market program for all bloggers and digital marketers. It provides a magnificent cut of up to 40% recurring commission on every sale you make.

The platform immensely helps with advertising research, competitor analysis, keyword research, and SEO audits of different websites. Moreover, it is easy to sell, regardless of leveraging content advertising or marketing.

You can signup for their affiliate program easily as you will be approved instantly, so you can start promoting your products via SEMRush.


Mangools is featured as the top SEO platform that used more than 500k customers worldwide. The best tool it offers includes KWFinder.

The platform allows you to earn a 30% recurring commission on every successful sale. The best part about this website is that it provides you with immediate access to the affiliate section. You are not required to get approval once you sign up with the Mangools account. It implies once you create your account, you can start promotion instantaneously.


Moosend is one of the most loved email marketing apps to help you automate your emails. You can create custom email marketing campaigns that are guaranteed to increase sales, subscriber list growth, and customer retention. 

You can promote the features like drag and drop email editor and data analysis to your audience. What I like about Moosend is that you can use all the core features for free. The affiliate program offers a recurring 30% commission on all the paid customers for as long as they’re active.


VidIQ is one of the best recurring affiliate programs helping marketers and Youtubers increase their presence tremendously. The platform provides an impressive recurring commission of up to 25% on every sale generated through your referral.

It is a Youtube tool used for multiple purposes, including SEO, Analytics, Keyword Research, and much more. Join the program now.

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is one program that makes it convenient for bloggers and marketers to sell their products seamlessly. The best part about this website is its simple interface making it easy for beginners to get a clear picture of their campaigns, commissions, and reports effortlessly.

The platform connects more than 170 CMS and is trusted by small and large-sized agencies. In addition, post Affiliate Pro allows all affiliates to earn 20 recurring commissions. To join this program for free, click here.


HideMyAss provides all its users with great potential to earn massively. It allows its affiliates to earn 100% commission 1st month and up to 35% recurring commission subsequently.

It is a VPN-based platform providing users access to military-based encryption, which increases security. Get onboard and earn a decent share of earnings.


Ontraport is a worldwide recognized platform that pays the weekly commission and provides all affiliates with massive earning potential with no caps on commissions. On average, affiliates earn a 25% recurring commission on every sale generated through their links.

The website is featured with built-in CRM allowing marketers to track every click and purchase across campaigns to target specific audiences. Click here to create your account.


PureVPN provides robust online security to internet users and privacy by using a virtual private network. In addition, it helps you earn a 35% recurring commission.

The platform provides every user with a unique IP address. In addition, its advanced DDoS protection, CPN Kill Switch, prevents hacking.

You can learn more by joining this one of the best recurring income affiliate programs.

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